Wimed, a division of MOVI Spa, has been operating in the home care industry for over 40 years. Our goal is to provide patients with comfort and safety and simplify the work of healthcare providers, thanks to the best solutions available today in the world of disability. Particular attention is paid to the area devoted to the care for the elderly, home care and general medicine. Wimed offers a wide range of products dedicated both to retail distribution and to hospitals and care homes, ranging from pressure relieving systems combined with patient beds, to wheelchairs, to all aids for walking and bathing, up to basic medical devices.

MOVI is a qualified partner thanks to its century-old experience in the field and its advanced technology serving people’s well-being and health.
Through the level of reliability and know-how achieved over its hundred-year-old history MOVI has secured a permanent presence on the market, further consolidating its own distribution structure.
Its 5 business divisions can rely on a highly prepared sales force and an equally efficient marketing structure. All the organisation is also supported by a strict quality service, an attentive and efficient customer service, which has been backed up by an after-sales technical assistance service since 1964.